"Rhoadie" Essentials Kit:  Red Light Special

"Rhoadie" Essentials Kit: Red Light Special


A perfect treat for you or that special someone in your life.


Mary Jane's Massage Oil (2 oz):  Organic St. John's Wort infused soybean oil, Hemp seed oil, Vitamin E oil, and Birch & Wintergreen essential oils. 

***External use only, cannot be ingested.  No CBD or THC included in product.


Salvation Bath Soak (Single Use 2 Dram Glass Vial): A wonderful addition to your bathing ritual.  Use as needed to help aid in relieving muscle tension and relaxing the mind & body.  Blend of Epsom and Sea Salt, mixed with homegrown Lavender & Rose flowers, and pure Essential Oils.


Palo Santo Incense Bundle:  Cleanse negative energies and allow the natural wood incense to purify your space. Includes one piece of healing quartz crystal.