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Salvation Hydrosol

Salvation Hydrosol


The art of making hydrosol from our own copper still allows us to slow down and examine the ingredients we use in our every day skincare routines.  At Southern Rhoades, we are committed to maintaining the use of all natural ingredients, leading to quality products we love to use every day. 


Each batch is made using homegrown materials from our Bywater garden (unless otherwise noted), & has been meticulously hand-crafted in small batches by Southern Rhoades Apothecary.

2 oz   |   Handmade in New Orleans, LA USA


TO USE:  Spray onto clean face, and gently press into skin.  Follow up with your favorite moisturizer, and lightly spray another round of hydrosol.


May also be used to mix with our Salvation Face Mask powder.


Blends currently available:


Gardenia: 100% steam distilled Gardenia flowers*, grown in the Southern Rhoades garden + Grapefruit Essential Oil*


Holy Basil: 100% steam distilled Holy Basil leaves + flowers*, grown in the Southern Rhoades garden.


Juniper Berry: 100% steam distilled Juniper berries*, grown on our family ranch in North Texas.


Key Lime: 100% steam distilled Key Lime fruit* grown in the Southern Rhoades garden.


Lavender:  100% steam distilled lavender* grown in the Southern Rhoades garden.


Lemon Balm: 100% steam distilled lemon balm* grown in the Southern Rhoades garden.


Palo Santo:  100% steam distilled, ethically sourced, Eco-Friendly Palo Santo direct from Ecuador.   


Rose: 100% steam distilled roses* from the Southern Rhoades garden.


*Organic (Refer to product packaging for up to date ingredient list)


Please inquire directly for custom orders. We're happy to try a new scent or blend with you!

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