Cognitive Clarity Balm

Cognitive Clarity Balm


Great for days when you need to focus on the task at hand or study for an upcoming exam.  This balm is hand-blended, using organic refined Shea butter, and a combination of mentally stimulating essential oils.


4 oz  |  Reusable Tin Container


TO USE:  Apply to pressure points, 1-2X per day.  Breathe deeply, enhancing clarity and triggering memory.





Shea Butter:  The vitamins + anti-inflammatory properties in this ingredient help nourish dry skin.


Essential Oil Blend:  We carefully chose a blend which will help to increase mental clarity.


INGREDIENTS:  Refined Shea Butter*, Basil Essential Oil*, Lemon Essential Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Vitamin E


*Organic (Refer to product packaging for up to date ingredient list)